Has Instagram Changed Photography?

Has Instagram Changed Photography as a Profession

Instagram, together with other social applications, have dramatically changed photography in these modern times. Millions of people use Instagram worldwide and millions of photographs are uploaded daily. Unlike the beginning of the Instagram when uploaded pictures were pretty simple and ordinary, today you can find many quality photos uploaded by amateurs and photography enthusiasts. In general, it does not matter what type of camera is used for taking the picture. The emphasis is on capturing an image that the person wants to capture and that is what makes the photography good. In the past there were only a handful of professional photographers, but with the appearance of Instagram today pretty much everyone can be a photographer if he or she knows how to use different editing photo apps. Most of the smartphones today have built-in cameras with fantastic quality, so all of that has changed the photography as a profession.

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Traditional versus Modern Photography

Most of the traditional photographers are opposing the idea of using smartphones for taking photographs. They believe that the smartphones cannot capture the creativity that traditional photographer can. Many of them believe that the real meaning of taking photos is taken away with the simple press of a smartphone button. They often feel disrupted with this form of new technology and do not have a high opinion of the photo sharing application Instagram. However, in order for the traditional photographers to succeed on the market and take their place, they must adapt to modern technology and modern times. Times are evolving, so is photography. New pieces of technology are emerging every day, and the quality of photographs is constantly on the rise.

Ever since Instagram was introduced in the year 2010 it has taken the world by a storm. People love Instagram because of its great, easy-to-use, simple features. They also love the fact of taking pictures everywhere and at any time, and later making them more visually appealing and attractive by using lots of quality filters. Regardless of what traditional photographers think or say about Instagram, it cannot be neglected that this application for photo sharing has made a huge contribution in the evolution of photography as a profession.

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Ways in Which Instagram Has Changed Photography

  • Better integration with social media. With the huge popularity of this application, it is now very easy to share photographs with anyone you want. You can quickly share the photographs you take on other platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Social media integration enables you to reach wider audiences with your photographs and increase your contacts. In just a few minutes, thousands of people across the world can have a quick access to your photographs.
  • Great way for editing photographs. The filters found in Instagram are very easy to use and come handy with all kinds of photographs. Editing has never been easier, and you do not have to use any other editing application as there are lots of great filters inside Instagram. Traditional photographers do not like this, but users of Instagram love the fact that they can edit photographs with just a simple press of a button. The instant filters come very handy if you want to immediately edit a picture and show it to the people. Some of the professional and traditional photographers are not very fond of using editing filters because they believe the filters take away something from creativity. However, this type of thinking does not bother much the Instagram users, as most of them find filtering useful, fun and interesting activity.
  • Great alternative. Traditional and standard cameras are usually heavy and require bigger maintenance. On the other side, camera phones are very easy-to-carry and they do not weigh as much. Almost everyone today owns a smartphone and smartphones are main tools for making Instagram photography. There are no heavy lenses, dials, and no expensive camera parts. A lot of journalists today use their iPhones as a better and more convenient option for taking pictures than their SLRs. Smartphones can be discreetly carried in a pocket which is a great option.
  • Complete option. By using Instagram, photography is made accessible to everyone and it is made simpler. In just one photo sharing application you can shoot all kinds of photos, then edit them with numerous filters, and share them with the outside world in just a few minutes. People have a cheaper and better alternative than buying expensive professional cameras and other gadgets.


In general, we can say that Instagram has revolutionized the way we see photography. Photos can be shared with everyone, and photos are becoming better and better with each day. Traditional photographers can be for or against Instagram, but no one can deny the fact that Instagram will keep revolutionizing the photography industry.